Bóbrka Foundation


The Ignacy Łukasiewicz Museum of Oil and Gas Industry Foundation in Bóbrka


Country POLAND, voivodeship PODKARPACKIE, county KROSNO, gmina CHORKÓWKA, town BÓBRKA, ul. KOPALNIANA, nr 35, lok. —, postal code 38-458, post town CHORKÓWKA

tel./fax (13) 4333478;

Number                                                                                             KRS no.: 0000215652
NIP no. 684-23-77-599

Foundation Council

Krzysztof Pęcherski – Chairman of the Foundation Board (ORLEN S.A. Oddział Centralny PGNiG)

Renata Słowik – Member (ORLEN S.A. Oddział Centralny PGNiG)

Grzegorz Wątor – Member (ORLEN S.A.)

Janusz Pudło – Member (SITPNiG)

Czesław Rybicki, Ph.D., Professor at AGH University  – Secretary (SITPNiG)

Management Board of the Foundation

– President of the Board of the Foundation

Barbara Olejarz – Member of the Foundation Board / Museum Director

The Ignacy Łukasiewicz Museum of Oil and Gas Industry Foundation in Bóbrka was was established on 24 August 2004. Their founders were: Research and Technical Association of Oil and Gas Industry Engineers and Technicians, Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo S.A. and PKN Orlen S.A.

The aim of its existence is mainly conservation and making available of unique 19th and 20th century technical objects, including original devices, items and buildings related to oil, gas and refining industry.

Moreover, the Foundation popularises the Museum of Oil and Gas Industry named after Ignacy Łukasiewicz in Bóbrka located on the premises of the oldest active oil field in the world. The museum is incredibly attractive for tourists. Apart from museum exhibitions one can see the most valuable and, most importantly, original buildings and devices documenting the advent and development of Polish as well as global oil industry.

The Foundation takes care of the excellent condition of the infrastructure of the former oil field – the facility is developing in accordance with the latest trends in museology. Recently new exhibitions based on attractive multimedia forms of presentation have been opened. Thanks to the use of modern technologies a new life has been given to exhibits which were static so far, and the atmosphere of work in a mine from 160 years ago was recreated. Specially prepared re-enactments and radio dramas, visualisation of characters and interiors, the sound of operating devices and the characteristic smell allow tourists visiting the Museum in Bóbrka to go back in time to the era of Ignacy Łukasiewicz.




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